Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Backporting JK3 models to JK2

 This is meant as a small guide to learn the porting process from Jedi Academy models to Jedi Outcast. I had some problems while doing it so this is some kind of memo of my notes.

Tools you are going to need:

  • Blender 2.69.
  • The plugin suite that can be found here:
  • An already rigged JKA model.

We install the plugins by selecting User Preferences > Addons > Install from file and select the .zip file that we downloaded.

We now need to import our models, we are going to import first the JKA one first, do not import the second one yet. We do so by pressing space and using the .GLM JA import:

Before importing the JKO skeleton, we need to rename the JKA one so that it’s not overwritten by the import addon. Do so by changing the name in both circles.

skeleton =[‘skeleton_root’]
for object in
… if ‘skin’ in object.modifiers:
… object.modifiers[‘skin’].object = skeleton
… print(object.modifiers)

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